Rabu, 30 April 2014

Vertical garden pots, pastic culture farming.

We have a very small space for plants and this way provided enough so I doing grow all my essential herbs. It was very simple to assembly and strong enough for me. This along with my small containers for lettuce and tomatoes provides me with all the fresh herbs, parsley and such to make salads throughout the summer which makes it convenient for someone who lives alone but has guests over from time to time and thus makes it unnecessary to buy a lot of items which go bad or uneaten and wind up in the compost bin.
vertical pots

 Here, The Medium Stack-A-Pot by Akro-Mils- is perfect for your deck, patio, front porch, balcony or inside your home. The multi-tiered planter is crafted from durable, U.V. protected plastic and can withstand all four seasons outdoors! With a 30-quart capacity, the Medium Stack-A-Pot is ideal for the creative gardener. We can even add more layers by purchasing multiple units! Our planter includes three layers plus a base; each layer holds three plants. Imagine Our home cascading with colorful flowers, tasty herbs, succulent strawberries, or plump tomatoes. Every layers stack upward, saving you valuable space, and collapse again for easy storage! The perfect gift for gardeners of all levels.

we have no more land to explore, we need  space to farming, urban farming, plastic culture farming, vertical farming, hydroponic system and more ideas to be green our home.

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